Emerging Writers’ Festival: Festival Picks

Has everyone checked out the Emerging Writers’ Festival program? I honestly can’t narrow down my choices as the entire program looks fantastic.

In partilcuar, I’d like to highlight my own session details :P

Here’s the blurb for the writers residency:

Words in Winter @ Future Bookshop

12:00 AM, Monday 4 June 2012  until 17 Jun 2012  
NGV Studio, Federation Square
191 Flinders Street (Gmaps)

Words in Winter, Future Bookshop Residents

Future Bookshop will feature real, live writers working in NGV Studio.

See how words unfold at Future Bookshop. Our 15 writers in residence and the Emerging Writers’ Festival team will be dreaming, collaborating, creating and asking – what is the future of writing?

Come and watch our writers work, or peruse their constantly-evolving creations, on display daily at Future Bookshop.

Participating Writers (see all writers)

Part of the Light in Winter Festival at Federation Square.

And this is Future Bookshop:

How will we be reading in the future? Step into Future Bookshop at NGV Studio to find out!

Part art installation, part library and part interactive playground, Future Bookshop is a space for lovers of the written word. Bring a laptop, bring a smartphone, or just bring yourself and experience the ways we will be reading, writing, publishing and engaging with texts in the coming years.

Explore, ponder, read, write and imagine the future of books – then add your own ideas to the exhibition before you leave. 

Featuring literary predictions from Emerging Writers’ Festival, Express Media, Freeplay, if:book Australia, Paper Radio, People Collective, SPUNC, Matt BlackWood and more, Future Bookshop imagines the brave new world of reading in a digital age.

The future is an amazing literary place. We know because we’re building it right now.

Sounds awesome, right?

I’m also a part of the Melbourne team for The Rabbit Hole:
Down the Rabbit Hole is a practical writing session that brings twenty enthusiastic writers together to type, generate, and face-palm their way through 30,000 words each in three days.

I really can’t wait for this. A couple of weeks ago I had *an idea* for another book – this is both thrilling and awesome for me as I never have ideas. I’ve been working on my current WIP for over five years now and not one idea during that time.

So this is big!!

I’ve been plotting and researching and thinking, and this will give it a huge 30,000 kick-start.

I suspect the teams are full as applications opened yesterday, but if you want to do something with your own work at EWF, I recommend the EWF Open Mic (which I cannot attend as it’s on the same day as Rabbit Hole).

Other sessions which look amazing:
Town Hall Conference (as always)
Stories That Matter (gala opening)
Blogging Masterclass
Business of being a Writer Masterclass
Social Media for Readers/Writers

… But really, the entire program.

As for me? I must run, I’m sinking further into edits of my WIP.

What are you up to today?

4 thoughts on “Emerging Writers’ Festival: Festival Picks

  1. Go you Megan, an idea is super awesome!

    I have been heaps busy helping my Dad get ready to move. It’s been pretty fun mostly, and a bit sad too, as he is moving out of our family home.

    And I have been busy getting geared up to look for work. That’s a bit thrilling and scary all at the same time.

    But I will have to make time to look at the EWF program and get myself along to some sessions – possibly get my fangirl on for your sessions, Megan!

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