Guest Post: Shirley Marr, Care Bear Child of the Awesome 80s – Plus win a copy of Preloved!

Thanks for having me on your blog today Megan! I was a teen of the 90s, but the 80s are very special to me because those were the years I spent my childhood. 1988 in particular is significant as it was the year my family emigrated to Perth, Australia. It’s also the same year that features in Preloved as a catalyst of a very traumatic chain of events that reverberate right into the present that my MC, Amy, lives in. I think it slipped in there semi-consciously which is interesting, so today I’m going to talk about me, the great brown nation and the late 80s! As my novel is called Preloved, I will wear my heart on my sleeve a little bit today!

Shirley Marr: bubblegum pink rah rah skirt

I was born on Christmas Island and I grew up to the age of six in a pretty idyllic early childhood, surrounded by rain forests and absolutely no danger because our community consisted of only a few hundred people, and we knew everyone. I remember playing by myself at twilight in an empty park all to myself, unaware that anyone should be keeping an eye on me. It was almost a Jungle Book existence for me. I spent my time up many tree and I think this was about the time my imagination started to develop. I didn’t have many toys because quite simply there weren’t any to be had. It was hard enough to get food, as the cargo ships only docked every once in a long while so I had to make up my own fun in my head.

When my father decided it was time for us to emigrate, for the sake of me and my sister getting a “Western Education” (as many a sacrificing Chinese parent had done in the past), I had no great opinion. My only question was “is it true that they have winter and all the leaves on the trees fall off?” and “Will I get a horse toy?” That “horse toy” of course being a My Little Pony, an 80s Holy Grail for young girls, even those as far away from civilisation as me. I was going to miss my friends, but I knew that I would see them again one day as everyone was going to eventually emigrate to Australia, so off our family went on that little jet plane.

Life in Perth, Australia 1988 was both incredibly wonderful and also incredibly hard. Being poor, my parents could only afford to move into a modest house in what I fully know now as a “full-on Bogan neighbourhood”, but luckily that suburb also had an incredibly progressive primary school which had just set up a new and flourishing “ESL” (English as a Second Language) program for kids such as me. I came knowing nary a scrap of English. Despite being Chinese and unable to communicate, I was incredibly welcomed by the community. The nation was celebrating it’s Bicentennial and it was a prosperous time. It was also the time that Australians were embracing the concept of multiculturalism and a wave of immigrants arriving by “choice”, different to what was seen in the 70s and earlier. The school, our neighbours and the people we met – were incredibly accepting. My parents brought me my first My Little Pony and my first Barbie Doll. And a Care Bear. They would become very symbolic to me of “the Australian dream” and little things like this ended up bleeding onto the pages of Preloved.

Shirley Marr: diagonal block dress

But as expected, every era like the 80s is only seen as sentimental through the reflection of rose-coloured glasses – the 80s also contained the unrest, violence and socio-economic problems prevalent in every era. The first thing my parents did was put up a pair of stone Chinese Temple Dogs outside our house. The first thing to happen to them was the dumping of yoghurt and eggs. I can remember my Mum tirelessly scrubbing them down, before they were smeared over again. There was also a little Chinese restaurant down the road – it is amazing when I think how popular and widespread Chinese food is now – back then, that little restaurant was firebombed at least 3 times. I remember going past it and seeing the front brick face of it charred black from fire. And there was one time my family got attacked by two teen boys trying to steal our Mitsubishi Colt with a barrage of racist remarks.

Unfortunately the racist factor was a regular occurrence, on the streets and in daily life, but you know what? I am surprised how easily I let it slide off me. Maybe it was because I was a child, maybe it’s my disposition as a person. I was just extremely grateful to be given a chance to do my thing and live my life. I decided quite early on (despite my poor English) that I was going to be a writer one day and I set off to do it despite anyone else thinking it could not be done. I had all sorts of remarks hurled at me and one day I knew enough English to read the “Go Home” leaflets pinned up to the telephone poles around the neighbourhood. But I knew not everyone was like that. I ploughed on a head, got my Dux for English in High School and started my dream of becoming an author.

Shirley Marr: Parachute Jacket

And that is me today. I look back on the 80s, despite the pitfalls, with a great deal of fondness at such a life changing experience. And I am proud to be a first generation Australian. I still get the occasional bit of abuse hurled at me from passing Commodores, but I just shout something as derogatory back and then I marvel at my ability to command “Aussie slang” and I feel strangely proud and I laugh. In a way, Preloved is a love story to my past and my heritage. Instead of writing a “woe is poor Chinese Cinderella me” I wanted to write something contemporary which was more of a celebration. Which is well, “me”.

So thanks for listening to my story today – I hope it helps in a way to make you understand me and my writing better. And oh, there’s a happy ending to this post because that little Chinese restaurant is still standing today and is right now open for lunch. And since the 90s and beyond, no one has tried to destroy it since.

Join me tomorrow as the Preloved Blog Tour continues to The Midnight Garden (www.themidnightgarden.net). It’s my birthday tomorrow on the 18th and there will be a special celebration and a birthday gift from me to you. You don’t want to miss out!


A huge thanks to the lovely Shirley Marr and Walker Books for organising this blog tour.

If you’d like to win a copy of Preloved, simply either email me or leave a comment below explaining what your favourite decade is and why (you can’t have the 80s, by the way, as Shirley and myself have taken that! I was born in the 80s!).

Competition is open internationally ends 7 May.

Stay tuned later this week for my review of Preloved.

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20 thoughts on “Guest Post: Shirley Marr, Care Bear Child of the Awesome 80s – Plus win a copy of Preloved!

  1. Hey Megan & Shirley! I love your theme for this guest post, I was born in the 80s too! I love that you wanted a My Little Pony and a Care Bear, they were the ultimate toys to have, weren’t they? I still have mine in a box somewhere!

  2. My favorite decade is probably the 90s but the first 5 years not the last 5. I started school during this time, found my love of books and films and met my best friend. Between the years of 1990 and 1995 I knew who I was.

    Plus the old photos are hilarious of me back then. There is one where I’m like “Why am I wearing a wooly hat and scarf in the middle of July in England, during the hottest summer I can remember?”

    Yay for Shirley doing a blog tour and more chances to win PRELOVED =)

    And Shirley I would just like say I think it is awesome you were born on Christmas Island. I have yet to know anyone from there and now I do =)

  3. Hi! Shirley, what an awesome guest post. Megan and Shirley, I have to say my favourite decade is the 60′s. I was only born in the 90′s, but the 60′s are by far my favourite and I wish I had been a teen during that decade because The Beatles are my favourite band and I love the fashion, the cars and the music of the era. And who doesn’t love Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? The 50′s are a close second of course because of the beautiful fashion.


  4. I loved the 70′s. Newly married, the world was our oyster. Fashions were simple and fun and full of love. And we were young, stupid and happy. Doesn’t really get any better ;-)

  5. I was an 80s baby, but the 90s — and jean jackets, Brenda-Dylan-Kelly, and Boyz II Men — will always own my heart.

    You had such an interesting childhood, Mowgli! Can’t wait to hear more on your next blog stop. And happy early birthday! :)

  6. This is an amazing post Shirley. I can’t believe a Chinese restaruant was firebombed not once, but three times!!! On the positive side I suppose we’ve come a long way, though there’s still a ways to go. I loved this insight into your story, thanks for sharing.

  7. My decade is the 90s. I’m a huge grunge girl. Anything from that time period and I’m there!! Nirvana, flannel…you know :) Fabulous post!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  8. Hi ladies! I am stalking Ms. Marr’s tour as promised. What a great post, Shirley. I really enjoyed learning about the ups and downs of your immigration. Your parents must have been incredibly brave and I admire their sacrifice for you. On a lighter note, My Little Ponys and Care Beads the most awesome 80s toys aside from an Intellivsion. Oh yes I had Strawberry Shortcake as well. For me, I loved the eighties but I have to go with the 90s as my fav decade. I turned 17 in the summer of 1990 while touring Germany. It was an exciting decade, graduating high school, college and marriage in 1999. A decade of big changes and growth for sure. I admit I listen to the 90s station all the time as well as the 80s. Thanks for the giveaway. Dying to read this book :)

  9. I don’t have enough words to express how moving I found this post. Shirls, you’ve been such a great pal to so many of us, and it’s truly a privilege that you’ve shared such an important part of your past with us. Love you lots, Care Bear!

    And thanks so much for hosting this, Megan!

  10. This was just amazing, Shirley. I’m happy to get a glimpse into what your childhood is like and your personality. It always fascinates me how resilient kids are about things–I’m sure it was very stressful for your parents. I frakking loved My Little Pony. I may or MAY have a DVD of the movie. Classic.

  11. This guest post, more than any other stop on the Preloved blog tour thus far, has persuaded me to track down a copy of Shirley Marr’s novel. Having mostly read American immigrant fiction, I’m curious to read about immigrant experiences in other countries. My mind has difficulty wrapping around the idea that my parents could have carried me as a baby to Australia or England instead of the U.S.

    I’m a child of the ’90s and I say the boy bands (and teenybopper pop princesses) of that decade are more entertaining than the boy bands of today. Rather than debate the merits of One Direction/Big Time Rush/Allstar Weekend vs. *NSYNC/Backstreet Boys/New Kids on the Block, I’ll share that my favorite boy band was the fictional group 2gether, who delivered hilarity like “U + Me = Us (Calculus),” “Say It (Don’t Spray It),” and “The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff).”

  12. This is such a fab post Shirley, thanks for giving us a great insight into what it was like for you growing up, looks like everything that was happening around helped make you stronger, and into the talented writer you are today!

    My Favourite decade is the 90′s we had the coolest bands and singers around like Ace of Base, UB40, Take That, Fat Boy Slim and my all time favourtie song Young at heart by the Bluebells!

    Thank you both for hosting this giveaway! :)

  13. Hmm…that’s a hard question! I have some wonderful memories from the early 90s and some from the late 90s, so I guess I would choose the 90s! I was just a kid and everything was so much fun and easier then. Ahh! I miss it. BUT, I definitely don’t miss the fashion and some of the music. hehe

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

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  15. I was born in the 70s but loved the 80s. But since I can’t pick the 80s, I’ll have to go 90s. I loved the grunge era, which was early 90s. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, all that glorious flannel. It’s all about the music :)

    The book sounds great! I look forward to it :)

  16. I’d pick the 90′s. I’m a baby of the eighties but my first memories are from the 90s.

    Nothing can beat the boybands of that time and the trashy teen dramas…

    I own all six season of Dawson’s Creek and watch them more often than I’m comfortable admitting :P

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