Review: Alaska by Sue Saliba

Review: Alaska by Sue Saliba

mia’s heart made a sound that no one heard except for mia
late one night when she woke from dreams into darkness.
ethan was asleep beside her, and em was a forest away.
outside it was night and dark and alaska.
the sky was upside down.

When Mia follows her sister halfway across the world to Alaska, she discovers that love can be found in the most unexpected and beautiful of places. But can Mia find the courage to follow her heart in Alaska? And what if the one you love is not all that you wish them to be?

A lyrical new novel from the winner of the 2009 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Young Adult Fiction with something in the world called love.

I honestly have not read a more beautiful book in a long time. This is going to sound a little stupid, but, honestly, a few times my eyes welled up just from reading it. And it wasn’t even at particually sad parts. It was just that amazing.

I feel… Different for having read it. I want to say smarter but it’s not smarter. I can’t really describe it.

I read it in one sitting, lying on my bed wrapped in a massive white bathrobe.

I’m writing this sitting at my desk, still wrapped in my bathrobe.

I’m looking at the cover of the book as I type and every so often I close my eyes and just remember.

For me, the book is divided into two things: the prose and the plot.

I really can’t get over how it was written. I can only imagine what it would have been to write.

I can’t even say enough how wonderful it was, how beautiful. I’m not doing it justice at all so all I can say is if you love beautiful, amazing writing, read this book.

The plot weaved from Mia’s childhood to her life in Alaska: life with Em and life with Ethan.

It too was beautiful. Simple, on some levels, complex on most others.

I loved Mia and Em and the forest and every little detail. The deer. Christain. The jackets and the snow and the owls and the beds and the houses.

I really can’t convey enough how wonderful this book is.

It’s one of those books that reminds you, if you ever forget, why reading is amazing.

I also have to mention the layout. There’s no captail letters and lots of paragraphs and lots of long sentences. It threw me for about a page – I flipped to a random page mid-way to see if it continued all the way through or just the beginning – but once I slipped into it, I didn’t want to leave. It matched the book in ways I can’t even begin to describe.

Also, to finish off, major kudos to the fantastic designers at Penguin. The cover art and the inside art is just beautiful. Just beautiful. I love the vivid orange of the inside cover flaps of the forest which contrasts so wonderfully to the white and brown of the cover.

Oh, one last thing: a big part of me says I don’t have enough. I want more beautiful writing, more Mia, more Alaska, more everything. I’m greedy.

But another part says that every single word was so carefully chosen in this book, so wonderfully written and placed in its order that I know the ending was where it was supposed to be.

For more information,
Penguin Australia

4 thoughts on “Review: Alaska by Sue Saliba

  1. just amazing! really got me.. brought tears to me beautiful elegant eyes and and .. i really.. its just so emotional and up bringing! i love it! i want moreeee!

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