Random Rambled Jumbled Post

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday….

Speaking of Ms Black, who saw Katy Perry’s new video clip? Respect for Rebecca: sky-high!

Actually, it’s kind of a miracle that I’m blogging tonight.

I was supposed to be working – like I do most Friday nights – but my boy (the same one that I was dancing with glo-sticks with last Friday) fell off his trampoline, hurt his leg and therefore tonight was cancelled.

So instead, I’m sitting at home, fan-girling over Robert McKee.

You kids know him, right?

If you’re a writer, it’d be a crime not to know him.



*Insert squeals*

Are you going?

If I had of known about the Story seminars in Sydney before today I probably would have cleared my schedule and gone, but it’s already started :(

After Sydney, he’s then coming to Melbourne and doing three genre seminars: Thriller, Comedy, Love.

As much as this is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I don’t think I can go :(

In other fun bookish news, look at what I discovered at the house I was babysitting at last night:


And it was huge. Look at the size compared to the television!

I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of newspaper articles which you have no doubt already seen, but in case you haven’t.

Firstly, the Wall Street Journal attacks the darkness in YA (you can read Maureen Johnson’s Guardian article and Rachelle Gardner’s response here) and you can read more on Nathan Bransford’s fantastic weekly wrap. (And speaking of Maureen, she’s calling to arms people to call up American pollies in favour of same-sex marriage.)

And now the Minister for Small Business is attacking bookstores, predicting in five years they won’t exist. Manager of a bookstore, Kate from Bean There Read That commented on the article here.

Honestly guys.

Way to attack two of my favourite things!

On the semi-plus side, Angela Meyer has been to the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Glass Cases writes about love triangles and will they/won’t they and Rachel Hills continues her series on Mentoring by talking about the media industry and her editor-mentor.

And now for me?

Tomorrow, we’re holding Fairy Auditions.

Potential Fairies are coming to the party shop for Fairy boot-camp, where I’m teaching them everything from the YMCA to Rock-A-Bye Your Bear and we’ll most likely be Shake[ing] [Our]Your Sillies Out.

What are you doing tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Random Rambled Jumbled Post

  1. I read the comments on bookstores going out of business at an online news site and was shocked not only by the article itself (which seems to have very little basis or merit) but also by the flood of comments from people ragging on bookshops based on chainstore, overpriced models like Borders. BUT when I tried to comment, my comment was never added! Which was weird, because it was concise, inoffensive and offered a different perspective – which is what the comments tab listed as requirements. I'm surprised that news sites like this one would report on an issue that has a pretty broad impact without admitting both sides of an argument. Thank god for all the bloggers who passionately and eloquently present the whole picture.

  2. It's often the comments such as yours that are the deleted ones, which is sad.

    And unfortunately a lot of news sites don't offer both sides of the issues. And I agree: a lot of bloggers are a lot better at doing that!


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