Mixed Bag of a Post

HELLO fellow book-lovers!

I shall start by begging for forgiveness at my random and sparotic blogging; I’ve been so insanely busy it’s not even funny.

On top of increased work and study (one more essay and one group assignment to go!), life has also become busier with one friend down from Sydney and another’s birthday today! Twas very much fun, we had champagne and chocolate cake after work :D

Also this morning I had breakfast with Lia Weston and her husband. After being viral friends for over a year (or maybe two years? I don’t know. I’m seriously loosing all sense of time!), she’s in Melbourne for EWF and we organised to catch up (via Twitter and then text, aren’t we all so modern and hip!).

Can I just say that she – and her husband! – are the loveliest people ever. Seriously. So nice.

We chatted from book to writing to working to bicycles and everything in between, including Vegemite and fairies.

It was so much fun.

I wish they lived in Melbourne!!

After, I was at the party shop and it was my friends/co-workers birthday, so we had champagne and chocolate cake with her family and another of her friends after we finished.

Now I am about to start on a group assignment we’re presenting tomorrow! And by starting I mean starting for tonight, obviously it’s almost finished!

I’m reading three books at the moment (which ones shall be revealed in due course!) and four arrived on Friday, which is mega exciting.

So in liue of proper literary life today, I have a selection of some fine blog reading for you!

1. Adele’s fantastic response to an article about YA in the Wall Street Journal
2. The different types of people at BEA
3. I should re-inform you that Daphne (aka agent Kate Schafer Testerman) is back, better than ever!
4. Nathan Bransford’s This Week In Books is always jam-packed with useful information (including the link above for BEA), and I highly recommend you check it out
5. Steph from My Girl Friday has done a pretty damn good job of summarising sessions from EWF, as has Angela Meyer
6. Natalie Whipple dives into what happens when your manuscript is on submission

Before I leave, I should warn you that until Friday I’m going to be fairly in and out of this blog. I have the final two pieces for uni to do, plus my personal life is in shambles at the moment so I’m trying to work through that too.

Bare with me!

ps – the lovely photo at the top is the YA section of Readings bookstore Lygon Street, where I was Friday night. I bought two Virginia Woolf books and feel awesome about this! Any good book buys lately?

2 thoughts on “Mixed Bag of a Post

  1. Bah. I know what you mean with being busy. I usually work 48+ hours per week and it kicks my butt. My goal is to try and start doing once a month posts. That, right there, would make me happy and still have a steady schedule.

    Glad you had so much fun lately–that's always a plus! =D

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