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Time/Good Blog Reads

I’m feeling as if I’m loosing sense of time.

Time in a real sense (days, weeks, months, years).

I tell people, oh yes, I used to do pilates, a few months ago.

No – that was more like two years ago.

And I just found a book that was signed, and dated 2010. It left me shaking my head – surely it was signed earlier this year?

Time seems to escape from you. It’s an odd thing.

I’ve been at my computer since about two pm today. That’s seven and a half hours, for those of you counting.

I’ve been:
-Uni homework
-Facebook stalking
-Talking to people on various chat outlets
-Reading blogs

In my blog reading, I discovered:
1) That literary relationships can work
2) Sarah Dessen’s latest, What Happened To Goodbye, is debuting at number two on the New York Times Bestseller list (I shall be reviewing it later this month)
3) That the Rapture is just a myth from a cult
4) It took one writer over two years with two hundred queries over four projects to get an agent
5) People are starting to write - and finish! – books about life after Osama Bin Laden

Now you must excuse me.

I must go and read Sally Rippin’s back catalogue for research for a uni assignment.

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