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Musings on Life and Blogging and Lit + COMMENT JULY CHALLENGE

Woah, it’s only one pm and so much to talk about already!

Firstly, I have to say I’m being more over-whelmed each day by the reaction I’m getting.

Such as Emily coming up to me last night - I didn’t even see her and she comes bundling up, huge smile.

Such as Sam saying on her blog today (more on that in COMMENT JULY CHALLENGE), ‘Having much respect for what Megan from Literary Life has to say’.

Such as Angela from LiteraryMinded leaving a COMMENT ON LIT LIFE YESTERDAY (Excuse me while I go and scream).

Such as the huge pile of books I have currently sitting in my room to review.

Such as the lovely emails I get from authors/readers saying lovely things.

It sort of makes you sit back and think WOW.

And then I sit here and think of other… people… who make similar comments about being all over-come and then cringe about how people view people who write similar things, and then I think of the post yesterday from Will where Jack Heath misinterpreted what Will said and then think that maybe people take what I say wrong.

The thing is, if you’ve met me in real life or know me in real life then you now that I am a crazy, talkative book lover. I think I even made a joke to Emily about that last night – I can start talking and then I won’t stop. Seriously. Anyone who knows me will tell you that.

I am also crazily in love with my busy life, with books and with writing. I LOVE IT.

I think Angela made a really good point yesterday when she said (in relation to the whole personal/professional Facebook thing), ‘but I do see my pro/blogging/writing life as being the essential ‘me”.

Which is so true and I completely agree with – my lit life is me. The real me.

A friend once joked to… Damn, who was it? I keep thinking it was a potential employer but that wouldn’t make sense… Well anyway. A friend once joked to someone that I loved books so much that I have photos of me with authors on my Facebook instead of personal ones (yeah, yeah, let’s forget yesterday’s display picture shall we. I should probably take it off, now that I have no doubt hoards of people have now searched me and have seen the picture).

And it’s true. My lit life is my whole life, but you know, I still have friends who don’t read (shock-horror I know!) and I am young and as being a young person, I do like to party and drink and you know, take photos with blow-up dolls…

Which led me to making a ‘professional’ Facebook last night. Which you are all welcome to add me as a friend!

I had more than one of my friends (in real life) asking about why I had two profiles and I also thought it crazily ironic and hilarious that people added my professional profile who hadn’t added my personal one, or put me on limited profile or deleted (personal page) me from their page.

That made me laugh. As I rubbed my hands together in glee when I could see EVERYTHING from people who I previously couldn’t. Mwahahahahahaha….

Ahem, anyway.

So today I am at home again, resting. I couldn’t sleep again last night and let me tell you that after the fourth night in bed, up until all hours due to coughing fits and not being able to sleep its NOT FUN.

But alas I must get onto COMMENT JULY CHALLENGE and let all you lovely people get back to your lives. I must make myself something to eat (so hungry!) and also get on top of some work for Sarah.

1. Daphne introduces Lili Wilkinson’s new American cover for Pink!
2. Steph @ My Girl Friday has some awesome tid-bits about the publishing industry, including the new Glee book and the new Sweet Valley High books!
3. Sam from Little Girl With A Big Pen reviews Mia Freedman’s Mama Mia, after seeing my post on it.
5. Nathan Bransford asks everyone how we feel about acknowledgments. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – I love them! You can find out all sorts of useful information. For example, at the launch yesterday I saw Alexandra Adornetto’s newie Halo and saw in her acknowledgments section that her agent is Jill Grinberg. Who also reps Justine Larbalestier, Gath Nix, Scott Westerfeld. Interesting…

Have a great day everyone!

ps – Reading the awesome fantastical Meg Cabot’s blog today she linked to the following hilarious video made by a blogger who went to the 30th annual Romance Writers of America conference and made the following video of all the authors singing along to Ke$ha’s Your Love Is My Drug. It is hilarious and funny and seeing all those books and authors I wish I had of been there! Honestly, I only recognised two authors (Meg herself and Nora Roberts) but honestly I don’t really read romance, so maybe someone who does will know more than me? Either way, its an awesome video and I wish I had of been there! Enjoy!

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