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Interview with Celebrity: Finished! Plus Links & Hair That Strangles


I am back at home now, and getting frustrated at the lack of fast Internet. Damn my parents not being over their download limit, and damn my house for being over!

Ahhh so the interview. I can tell all you kids are dying to hear about it :P

Well, I got the call pretty much as soon as I posted the blog. The publicist wanted to know if I was A) ready and B) had my recording device ready. I said yes to both.

Only moments after I first got to my parents house at half past, I had my sister call the house phone from her mobile. I shut myself in the study, put it on loud speaker and recorded it on my mobile.

Yes, I probably should have been more organised, but I didn’t think it would work so I didn’t bother going over earlier to check it out.

As soon as the phone rang, I hit ‘record’ on my mobile, and after talking to the publicist, she put me on hold for a few minutes while she got the singer on the line. So essentially I was recording nothing for the first few minutes.

I quickly stopped recording and deleted it, and then the singer came on the line!

It was pretty good reception – given she was in Amsterdam and I am in Melbourne! – and off it went!

I managed to control my voice (I tend to speak very fast!) and actually, I barely got a word in edge ways as the singer spent the whole time talking! I’d ask a question and five minutes later they were still talking about it! But I’m not complaining – it’s better than “yes/no” answers!

I spend the whole time holding up my mobile to the speaker, and madly writing notes with my other hand. Just in case the recording didn’t work, but I was very pleased to find out after it did. SUCCESS!

I think some of my questions were pretty generic, but the singer didn’t hesitate or anything, so that’s a good sign!

Overall, it was AWESOME and I can’t wait to do it again!

As soon as it’s up on Media Search I’ll post the link – so all you kids can check it out!


In links news,

Nathan Bransford asks, how can you tell if you have writing talent? I think for me, I’ve always written (from my very first story about a girl whose hair tried to strangle her. Yep, deep, that’s me!) but I think I had the light-blub-over-head moment of clarity when I won my first contest, won another, short-listed for another, won another…. Then I started thinking, hey, I’m not too bad! Then being published, writing for Media Search, etc, and all this tells me I can’t be awful. Of course, friends and family who had read stories said they were awesome, but you can’t really tell from then since they’re biased.

There’s an awesome NaNoWriMo report card to download on this blog!

Allison Winn Scotch gives me a shout-out for the interview! Of course, there’s no real post on this post, it’s just advertising the interview, but still: awesome as!

THE INTERN is hailing robot novel writers.

Kiersten discusses the weird and wonderful of New York City.

Anyways, I’d best be off and finish this article! I’m planning on having it done by tonight; I’ve written most of it already, I just need to insert quotes!

Have a great day!

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